Heartmath is a biofeedback technique which teaches breathing techniques to develop self-regulation skills and shifts in emotions which create coherence and builds emotional resilience. It’s used by the US military to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, and its efficacy is supported by numerous studies.

Heartmath is a powerful tool to quickly and dramatically transform the impact of stress. The shift in heart rhythm creates a favourable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events which have a beneficial impact on the entire body but especially on emotional processing, attention, perception, memory and problem-solving.

The devices can be used a few times a day to improve stress resilience, to improve energy levels and gain metal clarity.

Heartmath research has demonstrated that different patterns of heart activity which accompany different emotional states have specific effects on emotional and cognitive functions.

Using Heartmath can help you to reduce stress and anxiety and the negative physical, emotional and mental impacts on health. Heartmath can be used with children and teenagers suffering from anxiety or stresses at school, couples with problematic relationships, with trauma, with emotional eating issues, addictions, chronic pain, grief and loss, by individuals suffering from chronic stress in the corporate environment and by those suffering from depression.