IDDNA is a consumer-acing digital health tool created by Suisse Life Science, a Swiss digital lifestyle and age management scientific data analytics company with a focus on revolutionising personalised lifestyle medicine by taking genetics, scientific research, live data and AI predictive behaviour algorithms to provide a digital health tool in the form of a lifestyle app for apple and android phones.

The first step is a to do a swab genetic test which analyses over 7100 biomarkers. The personalised skincare programme has already been launched, with a variety of programmes available, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Wellbeing (Stress, Sleep & Mood)
  • Sport Performance
  • Longevity & Disease Prevention
  • Hormone Rebalnace
  • Brain, Memory & Focus
  • Skincare
  • Hairloss Treatment & Prevention
  • Fertility & Pregnancy
  • Sexual Performance

This approach allows a totally customisable treatment which takes users’ genetic potential and syncs it with real-time health and environmental data,  wellness goals tailored to the individual, including appropriate types of exercise and offers an ever-changing analysis of nutritional needs and lifestyle recommendations.

The individual's regular scheduled appointments with Carolina provide full coaching support and ensure recommended functional testing, supplements and botanicals can be incorporated.   The fundamental value of this approach is the use ofgenetic data to match the treatment to the client’s specific health concerns.

Carolina is a member of Suisse Life Science’s Scientific Advisory board and has recently been involved in the creation of some of their practitioner training modules due to her expertise in nutrigenomics. 

What IDDNA offers you

  • A personalised wellness plan based on your genetics and real time data delivered to your mobile phone via an app which allows you to engage in a process and allows you to manage nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in real time.
  • Learn how pollution and the environment, stress, sleep and food and vitamins affect how you look and feel.
  • Input your food or simply take a photo of your food to allow the IDDNA healthy meal creator to calibrate your food in accordance with your plan and shopping list to work towards your health goals.

Prices for IDDNA programmes range from £299 to £949 (inc. VAT) and the programmes each last for 8 weeks. The initial programme cost is higher due to the included cost of the genetic test, however, the system is completely interoperable as IDDNA uses its own genetic panel or others such as 23andme and others.  


"IDDNA is about inspiring and empowering people to take control by taking advantage of the world's most advanced lifestyle technology to enjoy a new quality of life."