Genetic Testing As We Know It Is Pointless: Linking Genetic Data To Real Time Behaviour Is The Future

“Genetic testing is dead. A new business model must be created to bring genomics into healthcare. The next big opportunity is exploring how genomic data could benefit an asymptomatic person” - Sean George, CEO, Invitae Corporation.

When they receive them, a number of my patients excitedly forward their genetics test results to me.  When I see the brands on the reports, I sigh and say nothing because I know that these reports contain a ton of inaccuracies, provide limited data and don’t really provide much insight. 

There is huge potential to use genetic testing in the corporate wellness sector. Potential to test healthy people and provide a preventative health strategy or to link this data with health insurance providers to provide personalised medicine, tailored to each individual.  The employee should have the power to control how much their employer is able to see.  Privacy is paramount.  

Both I and Ben Lynch, author of Dirty Genes, agree on one thing however: our genes do not dictate our destiny.  Our choices influence how our genes express and not the other way round. 

This is why I use Suisse Life Science's IDDNA as a genetic tool for individuals. IDDNA provides an evidence-based lifestyle behavioural medicine system based on  genetic variants supported by scientific data, which links up with real-time environmental and wearable tech data.  This allows us to stop reacting to illness, and allows us to predict and prevent.

This is why being given a list of colour-coded SNPs and nutrigenomic suggestions simply is not enough.   Suisse Life have created a comprehensive strategy that incorporates diet, movement, exercise and other lifestyle suggestions including sleep and stress management. 

Carolina is on Suisse Life Science’s Advisory Board and offers IDDNA testing to individuals and organisations uses Suisse Life Science's genomic intelligence platform as part of her corporate wellness strategy.
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