Our Mission

Our mission is to set the standard for the next generation of
integrative health care and bring herbal, functional, nutritional & nutrigenomic
medicine together with rigour, precision & integrity.

About Me

Carolina is a leading

Functional Medicine practitioner

using a systems biology-based approach involving nutrition, genetics, herbal and ortho-molecular medicine to help patients address the underlying causes of their health concerns. Carolina runs a natural health clinic Anthrobotanica in London and she works remotely via telemedicine for the Holistic Heart Centers of Americ (HHCA), a functional medicine clinic in the USA.
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"Carolina is the only IFMCP (certified functional medicine practitioner) in the world with expertise in both herbal medicine and nutrition"

Areas of Interest & Projects

  • Product Innovation, Research & New Business Development
  • Sourcing Ingredients
  • Menu Design
  • Wellness Industry Trends
  • Introductions & Key Contacts
  • Optimising and Ensuring Safety of Herbal Medicine Products

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