Carolina offers

consulting services

for small businesses, start-ups & corporate clients involved in the wellness sector, for events and also works with the hospitality industry .
Areas of Interest & Projects
Research, development & design (botanicals, food and herbal supplements, natural household products, natural skincare and beauty, functional testing panel design, labelling standard regulations, ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. nutritional content of food products, and more).
Wholesale and Organic as required.
Optimising nutritional content and menu choices, botanical creations.
How these impact your business, pricing, key competitors, product placement & marketing
Key introductions to industry contacts
Checking for bioavailability and interactions by looking at the biochemistry of phytonutrients. Licensing requirements and legal requirements for herbal products, including labelling terminology for MHRA and FSA approval.
Creating bespoke botanical products for event branding, corporate gifts and promotions.